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Your beach break guide to Con Dao

Out of the 15 islands forming the Côn Đảo archipelago, only Côn Sơn is inhabited, multiplying the potential for sunbathers and snorkellers to enjoy secluded beaches and see colourful coral reefs and fish. Even hikers can enjoy this beach destination by exploring the vast national park that covers most of the island. Far enough from the […]

Pristine winter hideaway Con Dao in Vogue

Vogue Paris, the world’s leading lifestyle magazine, says Con Dao archipelago in southern Vietnam is among the most ‘beautiful secret’ winter escapes. The French magazine earlier this week released a travel list of nine ‘dreamy islands’ ideal for a winter excursion, describing Con Dao as a ‘must-see gem’. “Con Dao archipelago includes 16 islands, each […]

Con Dao Island

Where to go to see unseen Vietnam

Sometimes in travel, it only takes a small push – one more hour on the road, one slightly out-of-the-way booking – to win an invaluable reward. For every heavily Instagrammed tourist attraction in Vietnam, there’s an alternative just as beautiful that remains undiscovered. With only a handful of adventurous tourists like you visiting these locations, you […]